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Goddess Of Glass Vol.2

Goddess Of Glass Vol.2

Thể loại:

Diễn viên: ---,

Đạo diễn: ---,

Quốc gia: Hàn Quốc

Năm sản xuất: 2012

Thời lượng: 80 phút

Lượt xem: 93,429

Nội dung phim Goddess Of Glass Vol.2
One day I was in college, aspiring novelist Kuri Miya Sakura accidentally meet. Sakura called out Miss Campus contests held at the University of Kuri Miya and Kuri, Miya his juniors, saying it could go introduce is said. Kuri after Miya introduce junior Aya, but Aya and Sakura already in the past was a favorite among Happen after Sakura getting love and Kuri Kuri Miya Miya ow the meeting, saying it could be reluctant to betray. Aya Sakura from talking about the break up, but a busy life, etc. I won the contest, and production in the outgoing be surprised to hear. Kuri Kuri Miya and Aya broke up with talk too before Sakura was like to Miya Sakura accepted dreams of a happy future.

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